About The Rice Co.


We are a sustainable footwear brand from sunny Barcelona. Rice was born as a tribute to our history, to the Mediterranean, and to the outdoor lifestyle.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between handcrafted artisan shoes and modern streetwear fashion combining past and future and blending the old Mediterranean shoe tradition with high-end footwear design. We fight to preserve the traditional Spanish footwear industry. We produce locally in the same factories that used to produce espadrilles more than a hundred years ago. We carefully select organic and vegan materials to make our shoes and we take care of our people, our employment conditions and how we trade.

Since 2013, Rice’s aim has been to relaunch the quintessential “camping” - a traditional hand-crafted shoe made in Spain and originally worn by Mediterranean fishermen, farm workers, holiday-makers and even well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali.

In 2018, we launch The Mama Sole Project, a project about reinvention and how to take traditional Spanish shoes to a new level.

Rice is Everyday Premium Footwear.
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Barcelona 1919. Handcrafted in Spain

Each pair of Rice is a unique hand-crafted piece, carefully made in Spain in the same factories, and by the same shoe experts that have been making Spanish espadrilles and traditional shoes since the beginning of the XX century


All our Rice shoes are Handcrafted in Spain by the same shoe experts who have been making traditional Spanish shoes for decades. We use sustainable and socially-conscious production processes which ensure fair trade and fair labor employment throughout the entire production chain. We use natural and organic materials and a significant part of our collection is vegan. Our target as a brand is being 100% vegan in 2019.